Birds (Acrostic)

Bravery – how could I not know it had a tune It had a tune like lovely flutes Resounding, filling every forgotten crevice within Dancing and swaying as free as the wind, whose Song broke and renewed my heart with each note

Spark (Acrostic + Cinquain)

Splendor Plays upon Earth’s Atmosphere, like little Radioactive children of Knowledge

Wings (Acrostic)

Wearily little sparks of life flutter Into the great abyss – chasing away Nightmare’s frozen Grasp on our dreams Shattering fear.

Relive (Tanka)

Tidal waves break free Mourning for their crescendo Now the water is Rushing in all sides divide Splitting me like emotions.

The End (Acrostic + Haiku)

Tracing stars above Heaven’s undercurrents sweep Erupting the sky Erupting their lies Native scenes born again by Dark supernovas

Nothing Left (Reverse Haiku)

The clouds in all their splendor Weep into the sky Nothing left but surrender

Ghost (Acrostic + Cinquain)

Gently Hours slipping by Obsolescent twilight Shattering boundaries between The sky

Sirens (Acrostic)

Somewhere up there in the stars I know where you are Rejoicing in the grace of the Lord Enchanting us all with your light, where Nostalgia can no longer usurp your heart Saved by grace

Kaleidoscope (Tanka)

In the profound seas I look for a part of me Broken glass and shells between kaleidoscope worlds creation and destruction

Shattersphere (Acrostic)

Shattering the sky with my wings Here I am, no longer Afraid of the pointed ends of your Tattered stars – like scissors which Tore at the seams of me Erupting emotions Rioting, bubbling up like Shattered volcanoes within the Particles of my soul Heaving toward an Epiphany Reaching Escaping