White Mountain Puzzles Review

White Mountain Puzzles Review @StylishMomme

About White Mountain Puzzles

What started as a small poster company in 1978 by Cronan Minton and Ted Wroblewski gradually grew into White Mountain Puzzles, which is now one of the top puzzle brands in the United States.

White Mountain Puzzles is still located in Jackson, NH in the White Mountain National Forest. Every White Mountain Puzzle is manufactured in America. Every year White Mountain Puzzles quality improves. All of their puzzles are interlocking and made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. White Mountain Puzzles has puzzles for those who like to be challenged as well as puzzles for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for children’s puzzles, family puzzles, or 300-piece EZ-GRIP puzzles, White Mountain Puzzles has it!

I received two floor puzzles: the U.S. Map 48 piece puzzle and the ABC 24 piece puzzle. My 3 year old was so excited when he opened the box from UPS. We quickly worked together and had the ABC puzzle pieced together in no time! He loved the puzzles and excitedly named off all the animals he recognized.

White Mountain Puzzles ABC Floor Puzzle for Ages 3+ Review @StylishMommeThe ABC floor puzzle has 24 jumbo pieces so they’re excellent for children. The colors are vibrant and fun.

The US  floor puzzle is more than just a puzzle! It also teaches children the name of states, capitals, and fun facts that each state is known for. The puzzles are just as described on the website. The pieces are of quality chipboard and are thick so they’re not flimsy and don’t tear easily. I think White Mountain Puzzles are great – the quality ensures they’ll last for years of family fun!

You can find White Mountain Puzzles on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also keep up with White Mountain Puzzles by reading their blog here. If you’re Canadian, you can learn where to buy White Mountain Puzzles by clicking here.

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  1. These look so great. My three year old has become OBSESSED with puzzles so I’m constantly on the lookout for fun, educational, and well crafted puzzles. Will add these to my list!

    • Mine too. It’s amazing how much they learn between their 3rd and 4th birthday. I’m currently on the hunt for TMNT puzzles – well pretty much anything with Ninja Turtles. Hehe! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think it is fun to sit and do floor puzzles. I like the big ones

  3. laura rubenstein says:

    These puzzles look great! My daughter LOVES puzzles

  4. Haha Ladies My almost 3 yr old is also Obsessed with puzzles so yes maybe the age
    These look like nice sturdy fun to put together puzzles for some good Family Time activities Thanks for reviewing and sharing

  5. White Mountain Puzzles is great, I like puzzles, my fave is the U.S. Map 48 piece puzzle. This is definitely an item that I would purchase. Thank you for sharing this review.

  6. Jeni Young says:

    These puzzles look amazing!

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