Soap&PaperFactory Hand Cream Review


Soap & Paper Factory began in 2001 with the passion to create soap the old fashioned way. Today you can purchase a variety of products for your household, ranging from bath & body products, candles, diffusers potpourrit, room spray, etc, all in varying pleasant fragrances.

After a long day in the Texas heat, completing errands, chasing kids, etc, I consider it a luxury being able to pamper myself with products like those offered by Soap & Paper Factory. Bouquet Hand Cream is packaged simply, with love and care. The hand-made hand cream contains the finest oils available in nature, packing a strong natural scent which I find soothing and relaxing.

Thanks for Bouquet Hand Cream my hands are no longer chronically dry and for those, like me, who are concerned about where and what products are made, Soap & Paper Factory products are made in NY. Additionally, their Bouquet Hand Cream is Vegan and not tested on animals!

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