Sardine Bluetooth Speaker by FOTOWELT #AmazonReview

This Sardine Bluetooth Speaker sold by FOTOWELT is small and compact but puts out impressive volume and bass for its size. It’s also more than just a speaker. I like that it’s also a digital alarm clock and an FM radio. I am such a huge fan of multi-purpose products because it reduces clutter in my house. I tested this bluetooth speaker with my iphone and laptop and I had no issues pairing them. It also comes with an auxiliary cord so you can plug the speaker into your device if it’s not a bluetooth device. You can also insert an SD card or use the USB port in this speaker to connect your music and play it that way, instead.

It is very easy to charge. The cord to charge it comes with it and it’s a common size, so if something should ever happen to it (my son has already gone through 4 cords in the last year), you’re likely to have another cord already. I can use the same cord to charge this speaker, my son’s tablet, my Kindle and my Windows phone.

I am a proud owner of this speaker, it’s just so great! It’s quite versatile, I never imagined one speaker being able to do so many things.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Other than product received, I was not compensated.

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  1. Sandy Cain says:

    This looks awesome! I love that the Bluetooth range is 20 – 25 meters – better than what I have now, by far. Gonna check it out! : )

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