Nanotex & Gymboree Combine Style and Comfort

WP_20150822_12_13_22_ProHere is my little ninja wearing a lovely set from Gymboree’s line with Nanotex®. Nanotex® with Gymboree offers stylish clothes from size 4 through 12. The polo shirt and the stylish Twill shorts are soft and have already endured several cycles in the washing machine and they both look as good as new! My son loves his outfit from Nanotex® because he not only looks nice wearing, but he can play outside in his Play Proof, stain resistant technology by Nanotex®.

So what exactly is Nanotex, you ask? Nanotex® is a type of fabric created by nanotechnology that can last the wear and tear clothing typically receives from active children. I feel better about letting my son play outside after school when he is wearing Nanotex® because I am confident it will stand up to his active play and, like I said, being stain resistant, come clean in the wash.

There are several different polos, vest, twill pants, and cute dresses in a variety of colors! Nanotex® is currently on sale at Gymboree so if you plan on ordering through Gymboree, I recommend taking advantage of the sale while it is going on now.

You can find Nanotex® at more than 100 stores such as Gymboree, JC Penney’s, Target, GAP, Land’s End, Kohl’s and more. I highly recommend checking to see if your local leading brand retail stores carry Nanotex®.

Please let us know if you would like a sample to try from Gymboree’s Play Proof line made with Nanotex – click here for the entire Play Proof line made with Nanotex from Gymboree. We’ve got everything from khaki’s to shorts, from dresses to skirts and long-sleeves to polos.

To learn more about Nanotex® visit their website here and I encourage you to follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest here and here.


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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never heard of Nanotex. I love shopping at Gymboree for my grandkids. I will check this out. Thank you for sharing

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