Komax Biokips Food Storage Containers #AmazonReview

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Komax sells quality food storage containers that are perfect for at-home use and when on the go. My little family and I don’t travel frequently, but when we do, we usually have a long trip ahead of us. Take out is expensive and unhealthy so I like bringing snacks and the air-tight, liquid-proof containers by Komax give me peace of mind. My kids, being between 1 and 3 years of age, are messy enough on car rides; the last thing I need is to pick up food spillage on the road.

Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers have a 4-sided locking system with a silicon seal which makes the Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers air-tight and liquid-proof. This means that you can store anything from soups and sauces to small snacks that children can eat with their hands, such as crackers, cheerios, and slices of fruit along with a dip such as peanut butter or salad dressing! Another thing I like about the 4-sided locking system is that it makes Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers easy to open. While I don’t prefer that my kids snack in the car, during long trips I find that it is a necessity. My oldest could easily open these all my himself during snack time on a long road trip – he is a very helpful older brother so he could help out little brother as well. When not on the road I use my Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers to store left over food.

Another plus is the plastic is BPA-free and is not thin and flimsy; the plastic is thick and sturdy. The Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers come in sets of 5, 7, and 9. I received the set of 5. My oldest should be starting Pre-k this year so I’ll be packing his lunch with Komax Biokips’ Storage Containers. The 15.2 oz container and 37oz container both have a separater, but what is unique about the 37 oz container is that it contains removable compartment trays which makes storing leftovers easy such as when you have more of one food, but less of another.

Komax Biokips storage containers really can’t be outdone with their quality and usefulness. You can even buy Komax Biokips glass storage containers. Whether you prefer glass or plastic, they’re all sold at an affordable price!

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  1. Love the containers good ideal using them when you travel it makes a good way to keep treats

  2. These are nice containers

  3. I love airtight containers for food. I love that these are sturdy yet easy to open.

  4. I just love these containers. It would sure help organize my pantry. Thank you for sharing

  5. These are really nice. I like the lids and the no spill aspect. I am always losing by bowl lids or spilling something because the lids come lose.

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