Premium Silicone Trivet Mats 5 in 1 Kitchen Tool Review

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I recently moved into a new apartment. Having completely started over, I needed fairly cheap items which were durable and had multiple uses. While searching for trivets I found Love This Kitchen‘s 5 in 1 kitchen tool: the Premium Silicone Trivet Mat. Whether I need to open a jar, set my cooking utensil (etc) I have what I need. The silicone trivet by Love This Kitchen is versatile, durable, flexible, and easy to clean. The flexible side is great for griping pans or catching liquid when used as a cup holder. The back side protects your hands from heat.

Amazon Description

5 Uses

  1. Trivet
  2. Pot Holder
  3. Spoon Rest
  4. Jar Opener
  5. Large Coaster

WARNING: You might find yourself wanting to get other colors too

Unique Design For Many Uses – Eight Colors To Choose From

Soft front with textured circles to protect your hand from heat while offering a stable grip:

  • Trivet: Provides a sturdy base for heavy pans with an air pocket to better insulate your surfaces from heat. Won’t rust like metal trivets, mold like cork trivets, or dry out like wood.
  • Pot Holder: Grip pots safely, while the back part shields your hand from heat. Move piping hot items from the cooktop to the counter with ease!

Nubby back for better grasp of things and greater depth to make them more versatile:

  • Large Coaster: Flip it over, and you’ve got a handy coaster for ice-cold drink pitchers. The raised border and recessed columns provide a cavity that catches spills and water.
  • Spoon Rest: Heat resistant & stain free, it is also great as a spoon rest.
  • Jar Opener: Soft yet sturdy silicone design grips jar lids snugly. Simply twist, and it’s off!
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