Educational Insights – Puppet on A Stick #Review

*Disclosure: I received one or more products mentioned below at no cost to me to faciliate a review; regardless all opinions are my own.


The Puppet on a Stick Rainbow Prancers Set from Educational Insights includes Dazzle, Twinkle, and Shine and party stickers to customize each puppet! Not only are they adorable, but children can have fun braiding their hair, customizing them with their party stickers, and putting on a play!

But wait, they’re also educational and teach children¬†essential skills they’ll need now and later in life in their personal and work-related relationships!¬†By engaging in creative and imaginative play with Educational Insights’ Puppet on a Stick, children hone their self-expression and communication skills!

My children love Dazzle Twinkle, and Shine. They’re playing with the puppets on a daily basis – oftentimes they’re pretending they’re riding a horse. My oldest is very enthusiastic about learning and naming off colors so he enjoys letting me know he knows all the colors of their manes!

I cannot recommend Educational Insights enough! I’ve checked out their other toys and games and I just feel like they have so many unique and exciting toys. Their products have so much to offer young children – and the whole family too!

You can check out Educational Insights’ website here and they can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

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  1. I love this, it is so cute and would be so much fun for my son and I. I love educational insights, it has been a great resource for us.

  2. These are so cute. I can see why children would love these

  3. Aww! These are adorable! My daughter would love these. I love that they are educational as well as fun!

  4. Oh, these are so sweet! They look like a lot of fun. I know my 3 1/2 year old daughter would love them.

  5. My 4 year old granddaughter would love to play with these.

  6. Michelle Tucker says:

    These are so cute! I love Educational Insights, they have amazing items!

  7. Sandy Cain says:

    These are so cure, my little granddaughters will love them! I really like good, old, fashioned toys, that let a kid have some fun, while learning something. It’s getting to the point where a 3 year old I know was given a nice set of wooden blocks with letters on them, and asked how to charge it up!!!!!!!

  8. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These are so cute. I can just see my granddaughter playing with these. Thank you so much for sharing

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