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blissmo is a monthly subscription box that sends organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly products to your door. blissmo uses third-party certifications to ensure the products in their boxes are indeed organic and eco-friendly – making living organically and eco-friendly easier by doing the research for you. You can choose between blissmo beauty and blissmo bites boxes when you subscribe to their service – or both if you like blissmo that much! To learn more about blissmo’s service and what they have to offer, check out their faq’s here. You can also check out blissmo’s facebook page here.

Earthwise Beauty Travel Set – Retail Value $20

Lavender is ever the popular plant in products meant to reduce stress and create relaxation. I have sensitive skin and some products to tend to irritate my skin or make me break out – this set as a whole has really helped soothed my skin. To be honest though, my favorite out of Earthwise’s Beauty Travel Set is the frightening green face mask which reduced redness in my face and helps acne shrink and heal/disappear quickly.

MaalDisha Orange Enriched Soap5 – Retail Value $7

Most bar soaps I’ve used always make my skin feel dry so it was much to my surprise that MaalDisha’s all natural orange enriched soap actually works without making my skin feel dry. At $7 per bar though, I have to wonder: how do you make this at home? For an all natural product I’d say it’s still a generous price.

Basic Naturals Under Eye Restore & Renew – Retail Value $5

My allergies tend to make my eyes puffy and then add some sleep deprivation – yeah, I’ve needed this product and didn’t even know it. The fact that it’s in a tube is even better because I am so forgetful and this makes it easy to have it on me at all times along with the few other beauty products that are light and easy to travel with.

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