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WP_20150407_011*Stylish Momme received one or more items mentioned below at no cost to me; regardless all opinions are my own. Other than items received, Stylish Momme was not compensated for this review. This post contains affiliate links.

About Adella

Adella offers a small, but quality skincare items and jewelry. I’ve had the opportunity to receive four different items by Adella in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


I’d like to start off with how excited I was to receive a “Tree of Life” pendant necklace. It is something I have actually been searching for to pay for myself – it’s something I would have paid for myself if it had not been offered for a product review. And I still would have liked it as much as I like it now after having received it as a review sample. Honestly, as much as I enjoy shopping on Amazon, this is the one item I have been wanting that I found so difficult to find – well at the quality I wanted and price I can afford. You see, most of the cheaper Tree of Life necklaces don’t particularly look very well made in their pictures and the ones that look nice cost a bit more than I can afford to put down for a necklace at this time. ADELLA completely changes this by offering their “Forever in my heart – Tree of Life Pendant at an affordable price. Most other pendants I have seen and was interested in purchasing on Amazon were $100 or more. As you can see in the photos above, all of ADELLA’S pendants are well made. The chains are quite long being that they’re almost 24”.

All necklaces pictured above come in a lovely, velvet box making them an easy and excellent choice for gifting for the holidays and for birthdays! To easily make your way to a few of the mentioned necklaces, check out my affiliate links below.

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