Teach Kids Responsibility with Tidy Snap

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Looking for a unique gift or back to school must have?  Tidy Snap is a must have for every home – it’s an amazing invention that gets kids to put away their clothes without needing to ever fold (and refold) again!  Little hands have trouble folding clothes neatly and once they rummage through their drawers for a favorite outfit, say goodbye to a tidy room!  With Tidy Snap, putting away clothes becomes a simple process that kids actually enjoy doing and drawers will stay neatly organized!

How It Works:

  1. FLIP – Place a Tidy Band face down on the marked area of the Tidy Board and place the clothing face down over the entire Tidy Board. Then flip each side onto the center.
  2. ROLL – Place the Tidy Rod at the bottom of the clothing and roll toward the top.
  3. SNAP – As you roll over the gap the Tidy Band will automatically snap around the roll. Remove the Tidy Rod and toss the rolled clothes into the drawer.

It’s so easy and fun, your kids will ASK if they can put away their own clothes and they’ll be able to see all of their clothes at once to make picking out clothes a quick task.



Tidy Snap is available online at www.tidysnap.com. Please contact me to request a sample for editorial consideration or to interview the founders. Thank you!

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