The Encompass of Life

The tiny life form burgeoned from the soil assuming a personage of prowess. Vigorous in its plight, it struggles from underneath the adumbral of the forest, to grasp the rays leaking through the foliage, to continue its encompass of life.

Texas Blues (Haiku)

If only my tears Were Texas rain, this summer Heat would disappear. If only my tears Were Texas rain, the summer Red would turn to blue.

Silence #2 (Acrostic)

Serendipitous Ink droplets Lie fallow upon my Empty sheet Narrowly escaping Cacophonous Expectations

August Storm (Acrostic)

Augmentation Upon the chords of life Transcend the symphony above the physical – Unimaginative planes of existence Mediate our world unto Newfound dimensions Shatter the chemosphere Triadic epiphanies rage while Orison – in pure pursuit Rivals the silence to Maintain its instrumental aftermath.


Roaming far among these planetoids and satellites How long will I be lost inside your starlight? Your gravity, it’s pulling me by every particle. Would you mind if I asked you to Release your hold on me? I’m not ready to fall inside your starlight This moon isn’t ready for us, So let’s just leave […]