Sky (Acrostic + Haiku)

Sun rays climbing up Kissing the clouds and healing Yesterday’s heartbreak

Relive (Tanka)

Tidal waves break free Mourning for their crescendo Now the water is Rushing in all sides divide Splitting me like emotions.

Prisms (Acrostic + Rime Couee)

Prisms heave upon broken shores Ready to break open the doors Inciting the siren Shattering earthquakes with my roar Making what is mine, also yours Surviving – sovereign

The End (Acrostic + Haiku)

Tracing stars above Heaven’s undercurrents sweep Erupting the sky Erupting their lies Native scenes born again by Dark supernovas

There I Am (Haiku)

There I am between The moonlit twilight above Ocean roar beneath

Nothing Left (Reverse Haiku)

The clouds in all their splendor Weep into the sky Nothing left but surrender

Ghost (Acrostic + Cinquain)

Gently Hours slipping by Obsolescent twilight Shattering boundaries between The sky

Chime (Acrostic + Cinquain)

Chasing Hours to minutes Interludes orchestrate Musical instruments, building Empires featured in Trajectory – $0.99

Prided (Acrostic)

Prickly little things Ranting for the world to come hither, but Interlopers don’t get to Determine the story Exclaim what Christ brought and Drop the deceivers subtext

Sirens (Acrostic)

Somewhere up there in the stars I know where you are Rejoicing in the grace of the Lord Enchanting us all with your light, where Nostalgia can no longer usurp your heart Saved by grace