And I (Cinquain Swirl)

and I crashed into the deep blue sea with you twirling here, under oceans deep you are all that I need when I safeguard my heart you break through the dark current’s roar and I crash upon shores sparkling brightly with a new sense of peace, I belong where you are Cinquain Swirl: 2/4/6/8/2/4/6/8/2/4/6/8/2 […]

Dance (Acrostic)

Dawn breaks as she pirouettes A tiny ballerina on display Notice how she sways Chasing all her nightmares away Enticing the fireflies to stay   ~ © 2017 Jessica Fuqua

Stardust (Tanka)

And if we’re enough We will gather up the sun Together we will become one – Together we Will be reborn as stardust – 5/7/5/7/7 Tanka   ~ © 2017 Jessica Fuqua