About/Media Kit


Jessica Fuqua is an up-and-coming self-published poet who enjoys spending time with her two boys. She is an avid reader, loves to crochet, sew, and complete other, miscellaneous types of crafts; whether for the Holidays or just for fun. She is obsessed with yams, so yes, Thanksgiving is only 2nd to Christmas! Because Ugly Sweaters and chocolate chip cookies for Santa are the best! My kids are looking forward to our first Holiday season in an entirely new state. Given all that is going on, a special place to store all our memories and photos is a must! So give us a shout out on MilesWithChrist.com!
Don’t be afraid to send us an email to jessicafuqua@mileswithchrist.com. We are starting completely over and would be happy to provide product reviews for household and Holiday essentials in exchange for a review or craft/recipe featuring your products!
God bless!