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Vectors at Midnight (Acrostic + Cinquain Swirl)

A personification of the midnight sky. Veiled life Enchantress – she Chains me by sacred root Threading needle – sanctuary Octaves Rise above the Satellites, scattering Across the frost covered twilight Timeless Mountains shadow Iridescent futures Defending powers of the moon Nature Incites the call Giving unto cycles Heavens exploding in all their Treasures. – […]

Prisms (Acrostic + Rime Couee)

Prisms heave upon broken shores Ready to break open the doors Inciting the siren Shattering earthquakes with my roar Making what is mine, also yours Surviving – sovereign — Rime Couee Syllable ct: 8/8/6/8/8/6 Rhyme Scheme: aabaab